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What you need, where you need it, and why?

When you consider all parts and contents of your premises, it might seem a little complicated when deciding what exactly do I need in terms of firefighting provision, that will also make me compliant with fire safety legislation? All premises have fire risks some more than others- and combined with the size and layout of your building, what you need in terms of fire extinguishers might be difficult to determine. Where would you site them for best protection? What type of extinguisher would you site where, and how many? What if my building contains a particularly high risk somewhere? Complicated enough for you yet?

These considerations all need a correct solution, not only from a safety point of view, but also a legislation-compliant one also. Fire Extinguishers North West can help you here, taking the worry away for you. Our team is expertly qualified to come to your premises and carry out a Fire Extinguisher Review on your behalf, assessing all the issues related to the layout, working spaces and contents of your premises, and formulating a plan for your building that contains all the information you need to solve your fire extinguisher provision- What type of extinguishers; Best positions to be situated depending on your layout (number of storeys, dimensions of property, position of fire escapes etc); How many and what size extinguishers you need; accounting for certain flammables or type of business/industrial practices, and so on. We construct a review and report for you, so you know exactly what you require. Then, if you wish, once you have seen the quality and thorough approach we apply to all our work, FENW will be more than happy to carry out what we have recommended to you, at an unbeatable price- we can supply and install your extinguishers, and prepare your Maintenance and Service Plan, working out a schedule to keep you safe, protected and compliant with well maintained and perfectly positioned equipment.

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Our comprehensive reviews are priced extremely competitively, starting at only £25.00. PLUS, if you decide to follow up our recommendations with us, Fire Extinguishers North West will refund you the cost of the review! So there's even more unbeatable value from the NWFE team!

If you would like Fire Extinguishers North West to come to your business or non-domestic premises, at a time to suit your business continuity, to carry out your Fire Extinguisher Review, CONTACT our friendly and professional team for more information and to make a booking, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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Whatever the problems don't panic we can advise you of the best solution and try to work within your budget to achieve compliance. Whether you are in Greater Manchester, Liverpool Merseyside, Cheshire, Lancashire and Cumbria we are only are short drive away.