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Fire Extinguishers do look like sturdy pieces of kit, and they are, but like most things they only have a limited life span. Factors such as corrosion or rust, damage that weakens the body such as scrapes or drops, weakening or splitting of internal linings, stresses caused by highly pressurized contents weakening seams, as well as poor maintenance leading to deterioration or sticking of seals, valves and levers...any of these would be picked up during it's service and lead to the extinguisher being condemned- this would mean you will need a new, replacement extinguisher as the old one is beyond repair, both physically and financially, and not fit for further use. do you actually dispose of your old extinguishers? Well it's not just as easy as throwing them in the bin! They're pressurised containers that have sustained some form of damage, so pose a danger when the refuse is being processed, as well as an environmental hazard. Fire Extinguishers North West can take care of all of this for you though, at a minimal price to dispose of them responsibly, legally and in an environmentally friendly way. We'll recycle as much as is possible, and dispose of the extinguisher contents safely in their specifically-recommended way for you.

Fire Extinguishers North West will dispose of your extinguishers for as little as £2 per item, including safe removal from your premises and transport to our disposal centre. Have a chat with our friendly team for more information on 01925 354 100, or ask us while we're out on a visit to you, and we can remove any extinguishers for you there and then.

Fire Extinguishers North West

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